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Leadership Programme: Discovery Networks

RedZebra partnered with Discovery to design and deliver the Grow Leadership Programme which is ongoing.

This film shows: The President of Discovery Western Europe and Grow Alumni talking about the impact of the programme.

Keywords: Discovering purpose. Coaching. Powerful communication. Strengths based Leadership. Unlocking potential.

Find out more: by reading our Discovery Networks case study.

Team Away Day: ASOS

As part of a week-long strategy meeting RedZebra were asked to design a Team Away Day for ASOS’s remote and multi-national team to encourage them to feel engaged, valued and connected.

This film shows: The activities the team went through that day.

Keywords: Accelerating Connection. Team Values. Effective Communication. Celebrating Success. Engagement.

Find out more: by visiting the ASOS case study.

Mixed Ability Carnival Arts: Unified Rhythm

RedZebra is very proud of founding Unified Rhythm in1996. It is a mixed ability carnival performance group. It is the heart and spirit of RedZebra.

This film shows: 10 minute documentary about Unified Rhythm hearing from members as well as understanding what makes the magic.

Keywords: Integration. Expression. Special Educational Needs. Carnival. Performance.

Find out more: about RedZebras community work in our Unified Rhythm, RedZebra Foundation and dance4life case studies.

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