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Oliver MacDonald and Mark Dodsworth co-founded RedZebra in 1994.

RedZebra has since worked with over 2 million people in over 70 countries across 6 continents; from street children to royalty, from grass roots charities to the world’s biggest brands.

In 2000 we opened an office in Cape Town followed by the San Diego office in 2004. RedZebra has developed huge, multi-cultural experience through the delivery of corporate and community programmes across the globe.


This broad wealth of individuals and respected global organisations trust RedZebra because of our vast experience, proven track record and unshakeable passion.

We understand implicitly that no matter where they are, what they do, or what life has gifted or thrown at them, humanity shares a love of new experiences and creativity, of fun and learning.

RedZebra have a deep trust in our work, harnessing the human ability to grow, because we have witnessed individual and team transformation, time and time again. We are driven to unlocking potential, creating impact and fostering a lasting legacy for change.

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