and Events

RedZebra brings contagious energy, invaluable
experience and absolute dedication to each of its key
service areas.

and Events

Unforgettable events that engage
and excite your community, fuel communication
and generate opportunities for growth.

RedZebra designed and facilitated a two day meeting for 250 people. The investment into RedZebra paid great dividends by helping our employees deliver
better business performance.” 

Andy Jones HR Director.
Diageo India 

“RedZebra introduced the magic ingredient that turned an excellent experience into a memory of a lifetime.”

Marcie Anthone. Director Knowledge & Insights.
Coca Cola Global

In a large meeting, a serious energy drain can really reduce the effectiveness of the sessions.
The interventions RedZebra made, were very effective to eliminate any problems.

Deirdre Mahlan. Chief Financial Officer.

Maximise Engagement

RedZebra specialise in generating high levels of engagement at conferences and events.

Whatever your scale or budget, RedZebra create and deliver conferences, seminars, clinics, events and workshops that add real value, enthusing and engaging your people.

Tailored to your specific organisation, our experienced design team work hand-in-hand with you throughout – from initial concept to delivery – ensuring your brand and messaging are at the heart of everything your delegates experience.

From design and facilitation to fantastic entertainment, we utilise our experience, processes and methodology to transform your delegates from “Passive Participants’ to “Active Catalysts”, driving the success of your project.

How RedZebra helped Deloitte with their Conferences and Events.

Find out more about our “Facilitated Entertainment”.


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