RedZebra brings contagious energy, invaluable
experience and absolute dedication to each of its key
service areas.


We use music and creativity as a vehicle to
engage young people in the issues that affect them,
empowering them to make choices that
encourage positive change.

“Since our students have started with RedZebra we’ve seen an enormous development in their confidence, self-esteem and their vision of their own worth.”

Paul Winters Head of Further Education.
Downsview Link College

“RedZebra engage people of all ages to gain a new perspective of themselves and their capabilities through the discovery of their soulful side.”

David Magellan Horth. President.
Creative Education Foundation.

“This has been the most inspirational and exciting project I’ve ever been involved in and I’ve been teaching for thirty-seven years.”

Bill Elms. Head Teacher.
Oakwood School. Eastbourne.

“dance4life is a wonderful example of how the talent and strength of young people can energise our struggle.”

Kofi Annan. Former Secretary General
of the United Nations.

Empowerment Through Creativity

Our values underpin everything we do at RedZebra. For over 20 years we have helped organisations and not-for-profits in more than 70 countries and across 6 continents.

During this time we’ve worked with over 2 million people, and throughout our travels one thing has been crystal clear – people the world over are wonderfully similar. Humanity shares a love for new experiences, creativity, learning – and having fun.

We help generate engagement and empowerment around key issues such as health, culture and positive choices, encouraging young people to live inspired lives that positively impact the people around them.

Find out how RedZebra is working with dance4life, Unified Rhythm and The RedZebra Foundation.



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