Happy 21st Birthday RedZebra!

Happy 21st Birthday RedZebra!

21 years ago on the 9th November 1994, RedZebra founders Oliver and Mark met and a few months later, RedZebra was born. What better way to celebrate than with RZ team members and our friends at UNICEF!

Oliver and Mark found each other at an event for social change, finding they shared the same creative ideas, drive and beliefs. All those years ago, and with no plan of how to achieve it, they had a vision that they would take their passion and find a way of working with the UN, driving change and empowerment.

So did they achieve it? Let’s let Oliver take it from here…

“Our RedZebra journey has taken us across 70 countries reaching over 2 million people with our passion to connect people and create possibility. It happened that those millions of footsteps we have taken over the years brought us to Helsinki to collaborate with UNICEF. What a birthday gift for us – a dream becoming true”

Cheers team!


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