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As a Diageo Preferred Supplier, RedZebra have been working with Diageo all around the world since 1998.


We have partnered with Diageo to co-facilitate their Leadership Programme in Latin America and the Caribbean, Africa, Asia Pacific and Western Europe.

The Brief

We partnered with Red Stripe in a number of ways to ensure the programme had the maximum impact. We ran the programme in two cohorts of 70 managers and directors.


This year-long programme was designed to create a step change in individual and collective leadership thinking, behaviour and performance.


The Solution

We worked closely with the Executive team

throughout the year in the following key areas:

Key Area One: Coaching the Executive

Coaching the Executive to deliver the module content:
In the weeks ahead of each module we set up one on one coaching calls with each Exec presenter. In the days preceding the module, we ran rehearsals ensuring the team were aligned and ready for the programme.

Key Area Two: Agenda Design and Management

We brought our expertise of the “Delegate Journey” to ensure high levels of engagement are maintained from the first moment to the last.

Key Area Three: Event Facilitation

RedZebra’s facilitators enabled the Red Stripe leadership team to own the programme by sharing their experience and insight without needing to manage the practical facilitation of the programme.

Key Area Four: Experiential Activities

Experiential activities that embodied the programme modules.
Our experiential processes embody the concepts being delivered whilst creating engagement and energy that helps create strong memories.

Key Area Five: Community Impact Project

Through contacts RedZebra established in the local community, we were able to involve a local orphanage in one of the experiential activities. This experience led to the cohort setting up a project that would support the orphanage going forward.

The Result

“Having RedZebra working with our leaders to bring their capabilities up to a stage where they can then disseminate information to our cohorts has been fantastic.

RedZebra’s interaction and involvement has supported us in bringing our destination for 2016 into life – I don’t think we would have been successful without RedZebra.”

Cedric Blair, Managing Director, Red Stripe

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