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Deloitte required an engaging and entertaining series of special events for over 3500 delegates.

The Brief

They would take place over seven staff events with approximately 450 participants in each.


The events, which took place in June 2014, needed to:

  • Include a Brazilian Carnival theme to coincide with the 2014 World Cup
  • Engage thousands of attendees across multiple events
  • Immerse delegates in an entertainment experience, throughout the day and night

The Solution

The initial request was to deliver a drum workshop with a Brazilian Samba feel. We explored the concept with the client and developed the brief creating a whole series of activities that would give the delegates a much more integrated and rich experience of Brazilian culture.

RedZebra designed and delivered a highly engaging series of seven events. We call this “Facilitated Entertainment”.

The design included a number of different phases to the day:

Phase One: Walkabout

Live Bossa Nova band promenading around the venue and responding to the crowd when opportunity arose.

Phase Two: Ice Breaker

Pre - dinner activity uniting all 450 people for the first time whilst at their tables. A great conversation starter for people who did not know each other.

Phase Three: Workshop

Post - main course: Samba workshop involving 450 people around their dinner tables. From chaos to harmony in the space of 15 minutes! An unforgettable thundering crescendo!

Phase Four: Performance

Following the workshop we performed for the delegates as a Samba band demonstrating percussive skills with the big reveal of our Rio dance troupe!

Phase five: Tropical Sound Clash

Our evening entertainment package that brings a live interactive energy to the DJ and dance floor. This including a blend of live percussion performance with DJ and dancers creating high levels of engagement and involvement - a real Brazilian Carnival!

The Result

“The whole day was great fun from the Samba dancers and music, to the late night live music and DJs. The interactive workshop over dinner was incredible. I didn’t realise I had any rhythm, but now I do!

It has certainly been a talking point between the team and something we will never forget. It was great to put all stress to the side for a day and be able to laugh together. A great experience!”

A Deloitte delegate

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