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RedZebra have been working with Coca Cola for a number of years.

We have supported them across various projects, including staff engagement events, conferences and strategy off-sites.


The Brief

To design and deliver a team development programme to enable the Coca-Cola Country Management team and their direct reports in Ethiopia to:

  • Generate alignment in the team across functions
  • Create an agreed “Way of Working” that would facilitate effective team work
  • Create momentum and focus in order to impact the year end results

The Solution

We created an off-site programme based around our Breakthrough Teamwork model, delivered in the beautiful mountains above Addis Ababa.


RedZebra’s Breakthrough Teamwork Model takes the delegates through what we believe are the essential pillars that deliver breakthrough business performance:

Pillar One: Trust

How to build trust, what happens if it is absent from a relationship and what it means to our business.

• Our Definition: Firm reliance on the integrity, ability, or character of a person or thing. To be your word. Do what you say. To have Integrity. Your behaviours mirror your words.

Pillar Two: Alignment

What is it to be aligned? How is it different to agreement? How do we generate alignment and what is the impact on team effectiveness?

• Our Definition: Alignment with others in the belief to take a certain action. You understand the plan, your role and what action you need to take. You own the outcome. Put your skin in the game.

Pillar Three: Ownership

Only with alignment is absolute ownership achievable. How does it affect our business across functions? How do we recognise when it is missing and what can we do to generate it?

• Our Definition: An attitude of accepting responsibility for something and taking control of how it develops. To hold yourself accountable for the result achieved. To go beyond. To do what it takes.

Pillar Four: Positive Mindset

Every challenge is a potential opportunity. How does our mindset affect our options and business performance? What can we do to generate breakthrough ideas?

• Our Definition: A positive mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person's responses to and interpretations of situations. To see opportunity in every challenge. To be restless in the search of a better solution.

Pillar Five: Agility

This is key to generating breakthrough performance because in the end it is all about how quickly a team can implement action. This has a huge impact on the performance of most teams. Why? Because without the first four pillars in place, it is very difficult to be agile as a team.

• Our Definition: The ability to think quickly, solve problems and have new ideas. The response time it takes to move from a challenge to opportunity finding. Mobilise the people and resources you need to find a solution.

The Result

“After RedZebra delivered their Breakthrough Performance Culture programme with our team, the results speak for themselves. We have the trust in the team that gives us the strength to speak honestly and really challenge ourselves and each other to create real business performance.

We are aligned – we all know what we have to do and the critical role every one of us in our team will play in this. I see a new level of ownership around me, not only in each function, but as a commitment across each function – we are now one team.”

Greig Jansen – CEO, Coca-Cola Sabco, East African Bottling Share Company (EABSC)

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