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RedZebra were asked to deliver a Team Development Away Day,

which would unite the team and encourage engagement.


The Brief

As part of a week-long strategy meeting, we were asked to design a Team Day for ASOS’s remote and multi-national team to:

  • Accommodate different cultures, customs, hierarchy and ages
  • Encourage the team to feel engaged, valued and connected
  • Facilitate those who had not met or worked together before
  • Draw out, reframe and emphasise ‘differences as strengths’
  • Build on areas of shared experience and expertise

The Solution

We designed a day that would both highlight the strong synergies of the team whilst drawing out and celebrating the differences.


We took the delegates through our Team Development Steps that utilised our experiential processes and activities that:

Step One: Accelerating Connection

• Explored individual values and purpose

• Created strong relatedness

Step Two: Deepening Sharing

• Revealed what individuals brought to the team

• Highlighted similarities and shared expertise

Step Three: Team Collaboration

• Created shared team values and purpose

• Create a team 'Way Of Working' agreement

Step Four: Celebrating Impact

• Demonstrated the impact they created individually and as a team

• Showcased their pride in their roles

• Celebrated the value of difference in high performance teamwork

The Result

“I felt this really broke down boundaries and, as a new member of the team, built new relationships. It has certainly been a talking point between the team and something we will never forget!

It was great to put all stress to the side for a day and be able to laugh and bond together. A great experience! We will definitely work together better. And I will no longer worry about having to ask someone for help, as I feel I know them on a greater level now!”

Team Day Delegates, ASOS  

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